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About the State Documents Depository Program

The Arkansas State Documents Depository and The State and Local Government Publications Clearinghouse programs are mandated by A.C.A §§ 13-2-210 – 13-2-214, enacted by Act 489 of 1979.

The State Documents Depository maintains a central, permanent, and publicly accessible collection of state documents and publications housed at the Arkansas State Library. The State and Local Government Publications Clearinghouse program provides access to these publications on a local level by distributing copies of the documents to a statewide network of designated state depository libraries.

The depository program provides:

  1. Maintenance and retention of state documents in a permanent, central collection
  2. Availability of state documents at local community levels through the distribution of documents to designated state depository libraries
  3. Preparation of bibliographic records to provide access to the collection
  4. Reference services for state government and the public to assist in accessing state government information

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Arkansas State Library
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